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 Preventing elder abuse

  “ELDER ABUSE OFTEN                              GOES UNREPORTED”                             

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Statistics suggest that in Ontario there are between 32,000 and 160,000 older adults being abused.

The abusers are frequently family members, friends, neighbours or care providers. In short people that the abused person knows.

Abuse often occurs within the senior’s home or local community. It can also occur within institutional settings such as long term care homes, retirement homes, seniors’ group homes, private facilities or other institutions including hospitals or specialty care settings.

Elder abuse occurs when the abuser uses their position of power in a way that frightens or distresses the older person. This happens because the abuser wants to intimidate (terrorize), isolate (separate the individual from friends or family members), dominate (control, restrain) or extract financial gain.

Older adults are often dependent on the abuser for some assistance such as grocery shopping, driving to appointments, helping with their banking, or general household duties. Dependency tends to increase the risk of becoming victimized.

Older adults can also be victims of frauds and scams that may be occurring within their community including unscrupulous salesmen, internet fraud, telephone scams, etc. If someone you know is in immediate danger,call 911, stay with the senior and offer support and reassurance until help arrives.

If you are being abused, this is a time of emergency. Call the police at 911 and get their help. Even if you have a friend who will help you or you have a place to go, get assistance from someone who can protect you.

Our Mission

To promote community participation in a network designed to increase awareness and knowledge about resources with the aim of prevention and intervention of elder abuse.

Our Vision

Recognized as leaders in the planning and coordination of services related to education and respond to elder abuse within York Region.

Our Goals

To facilitate the planning and coordination of services related to elder abuse prevention in York Region and provide education and awareness of elder abuse in the community.

To develop an integrated and collaborative strategy to address the prevention of elder abuse in York Region through networking, information sharing, raising awareness and advocacy.

Disclaimer:  The Prevention of Elder Abuse Committee of York Region has a mission to reduce elder abuse by increasing awareness. The committee does not provide services or assistance.

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