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Some things to consider to minimize your risk of abuse


Plan for your own future while you are still independent. Inform your family how you wish to be cared for and how you want your assets spent or maintained. Talk to them about this ahead of time to ensure feasibility, especially if they involve commitments from others.

Complete appropriate documents to legalize this. This should include Power of Attorney for personal care and property. Trusts can be established through your bank for financial affairs. Living Wills can be created to establish wishes and desires in specific situations including medical emergencies.

Families should examine their ability to provide care for an increasingly dependent senior. Plan ahead and learn about the community resources available to older persons and their caregivers.

Do not deed your assets to someone who promises to take care of you at home should you become disabled.

Do not rely only on family members for your care and social life. Seek outside contacts. Develop friends of all ages. Isolation increases vulnerability.

Know your rights: Older adults have the right to make their own decisions about themselves, their safety and well-being to the full extent of their capacity. This includes being informed about their legal and civil rights, and services to help them.

Read all the fine print: When given papers to sign make sure you know what you are signing. Read the information and ask questions. If in doubt don’t sign until you get some advice from a trusted individual.

Reach out for help if you are concerned about something. Sometimes this can feel embarrassing especially if it involves other family members. Reaching out may also result in getting family members the help that they need without making the situation even more complex.

Disclaimer:  The Prevention of Elder Abuse Committee of York Region has a mission to reduce elder abuse by increasing awareness. The committee does not provide services or assistance.